The Trademark Filing Company is focused on providing startup and small business owners fast, efficient, affordable, and reliable trademark filing services using innovative AI and human powered techniques in combination with specialized legal trademark expertise .

The Trademark Filing Company is a collaboration between the intellectual property experts of Sagacious IP and the licensed US trademark attorneys at Principle Law. The Trademark Filing Company uses advanced algorythms and human powered techniques to efficiently locate and sort data for legal analysis by licensed attorneys to deliver customers with enterprise-level results at prices that are affordable for startups and small businesses.

About Principle Law

Founded by attorney Nathan Lawrence, Principle Law provides trademark solutions for innovative small businesses and startups. Before entering the practice of law, Nathan was an entrepreneur in Denver, Colorado, and used a successful exit to fund his legal education. Nathan formed the legal prowess that is the foundation of Principle Law while working in-house at Techstars, the world’s largest startup accelerator, and at the Silicons Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. Principle Law is founded on the experiences of business owners in interacting with the legal system and is focused on the goal of helping entrepreneurs use the law as a tool to realize their goals.

About Sagacious IP

Sagacious IP is a one of the largest IP solutions providers globally, helping organizations monetize, defend, and expand their IP portfolios. Sagacious IP is helping participants in the IP ecosystem through innovative solutions and services since 2008. Annually, Sagacious IP serves more than +2,000 clients from over 60 countries with more than 12,500 projects in over 16 languages.