Attorney Filing



Attorney Filing

With an Attorney Filing, you can rest assured that:

  • Your application will be professionally crafted to afford you the strongest legal protections and to pass USPTO scrutiny;
  • Your attorney will personally be in touch regarding potential issues with your trademark application, and will help you overcome any such issues;
  • Your attorney will act as your “attorney of record” before the USPTO and will handle all routine correspondence;
  • Your application will be submitted correctly and in accordance with USPTO rules, potentially saving you valuable time and reapplication fees;
  • Your application will be professionally monitored, and you will not miss any additional filings or responses required by the USPTO;
  • Routine “office actions” (refusals) from the USPTO requiring a response will be professionally handled by an attorney at no extra expense.[i]

An Attorney Filing is appropriate for those who are confident there are no existing conflicts with their trademark, who plan to make substantial investments in their trademark, or who have a complex product or service offering.