Trademark monitoring is important to protect trademark rights from potential infringements. It ensures that the applicant will be notified when an identical or confusingly similar mark is registered or published for acceptance. Therefore, it gives the owner an opportunity to oppose the filing.

Businesses Must Seek Trademark Monitoring Services: Major reasons

In order to ensure the valuable marks of businesses are protected and enforced properly trademark monitoring is important. So, here are the top reasons due to which this service is indispensable:

Trademark Rights Failure

A trademark owner may lose his/her trademark rights after failing to monitor the mark. Additionally, the trademark will degrade its brand value in the marketplace. Moreover, it may lead to a weakening of the trademark, and, in some cases; the right of a trademark may be lost entirely.

Therefore, you must perform effective trademark monitoring to avoid trademark right loss by opposing infringers if found.

In case of infringement, the applicant must enforce trademark rights using different legal methods. So, tt includes sending cease and desist letters, initiating opposition and cancellation process with the help of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.  However, the applicant can also opt for other relevant measures depending upon the situation.

Inability to Enforce Against an Infringer

Trademark enforcement may remain delayed if the applicant fails to stop brand infringement even after knowing. One may call it the “equitable doctrine of laches.”  This doctrine raises a positive task for you to enforce your rights against infringers in the given time period.  Additionally, if one performs trademark monitoring, then the owner must be aware of infringements if any. If the answer is yes, the law gives you an opportunity to enforce your trademark duty.

Reduce Business Damage

Trademark monitoring avoidance reduces revenue. Further, leading to business demise if the infringement is effective enough. A strong monitoring plan and strategy will detect infringers early even before damaging your business identity. Also, it is good to identify and resolve the infringement as soon as possible. The higher the amount the infringer has invested in his/her business, the more the probability of fight against you due to huge monetary loss and business identity damage. Here, trademark monitoring comes into action by detecting infringement at an early stage and stopping it before your business goes through financial loss due to the infringer.

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Why Choose Us?

Trademark Filing Company is a prominent firm that helps in delivering the best trademark registration as well as monitoring services to clients.  Our team of experienced professionals works on customized monitoring parameters to deliver a comprehensive monitoring solution for businesses. The experts focus on coverage of all major jurisdictions globally to provide effective trademark monitoring and filing services.

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