Be it Offline or Online Trademark filing, it helps you obtain a unique identity in the form of a Trademark, to distinguish your product from others. A Trademark can be any word, phrase, logo, sound, etc. However, you must register it first in order to seek the advantages. Moreover, now it is easier to file for a Trademark registration online, thanks to advancing technologies.

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Online Trademark Filing Process

So, you must follow certain steps if you want to file for a Trademark online. Also, there exist some formalities regarding your identity proofs and other documents. The steps and formalities are mentioned below.

Trademark Search

A Trademark search is the first step for Online Trademark Filing. During the Trademark search, your search for the pre-existing registrations on the same mark. Thus, you can register your mark only if it is unique. Also, you can make the necessary changes in your mark if a similar mark already exists.

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Category Selection

You must select the right category of registration for your Trademark. This is so because; the registered trademark provides you the right to sell your product within a certain sector of the economy. There are presently 45 classes/categories in the Trademark Registry.

A few classes/categories are mentioned below.

  1. Chemicals
  2. Paints and Coatings
  3. Cleaning and Bleaching Products, Cosmetics
  4. Fuels and Industrial Oils
  5. Pharmaceutical and Dietetic Products

Thus, you must select the appropriate category for every mark.


We move ahead to the application process, once we ensure that our mark is unique and falls under the correct category. So, this includes preparing an official letter that requires your signature and acceptance norms. Also, only after receiving the letter, your documents are prepared and the registration process starts.

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Documents required for Online trademark Filing

There are certain documents that you must provide for the registration process. These are just some of the personal details and features of your mark.

Identity/Business Proofs

The owner of the mark or the person authorized for the mark needs to submit their identity proof. It may be Voter ID, VISA, Passport, PAN card, etc. This is so because the business proof determines the area of use for the Trademark.

Using Logo/Tagline

You do not require a logo if a Trademark comprises only words. However, if you tend to use a logo, you must submit it in Black and White format. Moreover, there should be an exact number of words in the logo as mentioned in the application/letter.

Form 48

With Form 48, you provide authority to an attorney to legally file for a Trademark application. Also, you must submit the Trademark user affidavit in case you make a claim for a previous trademark in the application.

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Some Important points about Online Trademark Filing

There is a lot of advancement in technology these days. Thus, you can apply for registration online without appearing in the registration office. Also, you can hire a certified attorney online.

The Vienna Codification process

Vienna codification is the most important step of the Trademark Filing process. Also, it provides an international classification to you after you fill the application form. Your pending application is termed as “Sent for Vienna codification” at this stage.

Trademark Examination

Once the application comes under “Sent for Vienna codification”, it will now undergo examination via the officials. They might accept or reject the application on the basis of requirements and set criteria.

Hearing at Trademark Registrar/Officer

An applicant can go for a hearing after the application gets rejected. If He\She is not convinced properly then He\She can contact the Intellectual Property Appellate Board.

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