Trademark Registration Process with Additional Tips

Trademark Filing Process

Here we will discuss the Trademark Registration Process from the very beginning stage till its grant and maintenance. But let us first learn what differentiates a trademark from its counterparts- Patent and Copyright. A trademark is simply a mark that works as an identification symbol for the goods and products of a company. Moreover, it […]

Trademark Filing Process: A Complete Overview

Trademark Filing Process

Trademark Filing Process enables you to register the trademark and logos in the trademark office for protecting it. Moreover, it helps in distinguishing your products from the competitors. It also helps prevent others from using the same logo and design as yours. A registered trademark is an intangible asset for a business and protects the […]

5 Key Trademark Benefits

Trademark Benefits

A trademark is a symbol, design, word, or combination of elements that identify a party’s goods or services. There are certain trademark benefits that one can get while filing the trademark. The main purpose of it is to distinguish the product of the company from someone else’s product. A trademark can almost be anything as […]

Trademark Registration Fees: Know All the Costs

Trademark Registration Fees

If you’re seeking a trademark, then the question of trademark registration fees must have come to your mind. Trademark registration can be a lengthy process, and it is not inexpensive. Hence, you should know the trademark registration fees so that you can plan out your expenses accordingly. Moreover, seeking protection for your brand by filing […]

USPTO Trademark Filing: Key Steps

USPTO Trademark Filing Key Steps

If you are a startup or an established firm, USPTO trademark filing is of sheer necessity in the current scenario. The trademark is the identity card of your brand. In essence, people instantly identify the company by just recognizing the trademark. So, imagine a scenario where someone comes with an identical trademark as yours. This […]

Top 6 Benefits of Seeking Trademark Filing Services

The top 6 benefits of trademark filing services

Trademarks are symbols, words, numerals, or a combination of all to graphically represent a company’s brand. Trademark Filing Services helps you to seek the right to use a unique symbol that helps to distinguish one’s product. Moreover, a trademark or brand name influences the decision-making power of the consumers approaching the organization with the reputation […]

Everything You Need To Know About USPTO Trademark Filing (And Bonus Tips)

Everything You Need to Know About USPTO Trademark Filing

USPTO Trademark Filing is the process through which an entity protects its brand design by preventing others from copying it. If you don’t protect your brand properly, then anyone can steal or copy your design and confuse potential customers. You wouldn’t want another organization to profit from your brand name by misusing it. In order […]

Trademark Filing Timeline

Trademark Filing Timeline

When you’re seeking trademark protection, it’s a good measure to clearly know everything about the trademark filing timeline. It generally takes somewhere between 12 to 18 months for registering a trademark with the USPTO. The whole trademark registration process involves different stages of the trademark application process which make up the trademark filing timeline. The […]

Trademark Filing: A Step by Step Process

Trademark filing a step by step process

Trademark refers to any word, phrase, or symbol that identifies or distinguishes the product from other manufacturers. Thus, Trademark Filing helps the customer to identify the product and its manufacturer. Moreover, the Trademark provides a brand name to a company. So, you must provide proper protection to the trademark to avoid any sort of misuse. […]

A to Z of Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

When you have a business, it is important for you to acquire a trademark to create a unique brand identity for your business. Through trademark registration, you can promote your brand image under the protection of the federal law force. Complete Trademark Registration Procedure The Trademark registration process involves stages of filing, examination, publication, opposition, […]