If you’re seeking a trademark, then the question of trademark registration fees must have come to your mind. Trademark registration can be a lengthy process, and it is not inexpensive. Hence, you should know the trademark registration fees so that you can plan out your expenses accordingly.

Moreover, seeking protection for your brand by filing a trademark is very important. You would not want anyone else to steal your brand name. So, let us dive straight into the details of the registration fee.

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Trademark Registration Fees: Cost at Each Step

The trademark registration process involves some steps, and each step has certain costs that come with it. Let us understand each one with the cost to make a wise decision.

Trademark Search

Before even beginning the registration process, you must conduct a comprehensive trademark search. The results of the search will tell you if your mark is original and not in use. If there is an overlapping trademark then you will need to change your trademark. But, it will prevent you from filing a trademark that would face direct rejection.

Moreover, you can conduct this search on your own or hire a professional trademark search service. Also, you can choose between different regions and methods for this search. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) search will cost less in comparison to a manual search. But the result of a manual search is better. The current state of AI would not be able to distinguish between marks, industries, and uses as well as a human can.

The cost of an AI search can be around $60 and a manual search can be around $120.

Trademark Registration Fees: Initial Application Forms

While deciding to pay the trademark registration fees, you need to decide the basis under which you want to file. So, there are 2 broad categories for the basis under which you can file your application.

Further, after receiving the NOA, you must file an SOU within 6 months of the issuance of the NOA. If you don’t, then you will have to pay $125 per class of goods or services for filing an extension request.

After deciding the filing basis, you can select the appropriate initial application form.

There are 3 initial application forms that you can choose from.

The TEAS Plus application has the lowest trademark registration fees. However, you will also need to meet stricter requirements as given below.

Trademark Registration Fees: File a Complete Application

Here, nearly all the fields in the form are mandatory.

  1. You must select your goods/services from the USPTO’s Acceptable Identification of Goods and Services Manual.
  2. You will have to pay the fees for all the classes at the time of filing.
  3. Provide a valid email address and authorize the USPTO to correspond to this email regarding the application.
  4. File relevant application-related submissions through TEAS.

Also, the TEAS RF has a set of minimum filing requirements that you must meet. Along with it, you must also:

Moreover, this has the highest trademark registration fees. However, you only need to meet the minimum filing requirements.

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Other Additional Trademark Registration Fees

There are primarily 2 cases where you might have to spend more on trademark registration fees. They are before registration or after.

During the registration process:

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After Mark Registers:

Moreover, an additional fee is necessary if you are filing within the grace period. You can find a more elaborate explanation of maintenance filing requirements here.

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