Trademark filing fees are an initial investment that protects your intellectual rights over your Trademark against any Infringement. The general range of Trademark filing fees is from 225$ to 400$. Also, it depends on the class of the goods/services mentioned in the application form.

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Trademark application form: Types and Fees

Basically, there are three types of forms used for Trademark filing. These are classified according to the range of filing fees.


The TEAS plus form has the least filing price among the other forms (225$/class of goods or services). However, the filing requirements for this form are very strict. So, you must file a proper application and it is mandatory to fill all the fields in the form. Some major aspects to keep in mind while filing in the TEAS plus category are:

TEAS Reduced Fee 

The TEAS reduced fee application charges $275/class of goods or services and you must agree to the following few requirements for filing this form:

Key point:  Also, USPTO can charge you an extra fee of 125$/class of goods or services if you can’t fulfill the necessities of TEAS Plus or TEAS RF.

TEAS Regular application

Filing the TEAS regular application charges the highest fee of $400/class of goods or services and must meet the minimum filing requirements.

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Notice of Allowance

NOA is a written document to notify the successful crossing of the opposition phase for the Trademark application.

Some key points regarding NOA are:

Abandonment Fees

You need to pay a fee of 100$/class for continuing the application process if the application falls under the category of Abandoned status.

Document Maintenance Charges

Other than the Trademark filing fees, you also pay for Trademark maintenance. Moreover, the Trademark filing fees is a part of the registration process and the Trademark maintenance fees are a part of the post-grant process. So, some of the maintenance charges are mentioned below.

  1. The trademark is in commercial use with the goods/services mentioned at the time of registration.
  2. The trademark is not in commercial use due to some special reasons or circumstances.

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